About IpadForms

We provide a quality short-term iPad rental service for business conferences, seminars, presentations, tradeshows, exhibitions and other short-term events. It does not make sense to buy all the iPads you need for such occasions, and often the installation of special applications is required. Our iPad hire alternative thus saves our clients valuable time and money.

iPad Forms is dedicated to help you hire this wonderful device at affordable costs. We believe in offering support at every level and not just till the point you pay for the rental. Since its inception, our core team believes in creating a satisfying experience irrespective of purpose, duration and quantity of rental. And we wish to achieve that through complete harmony between our goals and yours. Right from customer support team to the people whom you meet, everyone in our company is motivated and curious to help with anything and everything.

What makes us?

'Why Purchase When You Can Rent?' is probably the reason why we came this far. This question was there in the starting and is still very much there. Our team began with the simple idea that if someone can enjoy owning one of the most technologically advanced devices in the world temporarily, without the worry of shelling out heavy amounts, what impact would it make? Would it help students make more out of their projects? Would it help interviewees showcase their skills better? Would it yield positive results in business meetings? We believe it can happen and that is what precisely makes us go that extra mile.

Why us?

There are probably dozens of renters around so what makes us special, unique or different? We believe in the simplicity of things. We like to keep everything simple, clear and transparent. Right from rental rates to terms and policies, everything is concrete and we do not change them with customers. Other than that, we offer the lowest price guarantee if you want to hire iPad 2. We would also like to believe that the complete experience of hiring without fuss cannot be recreated anyplace else.

  • Lowest price guarantee on iPad 2 rental
  • Transparent price, terms and conditions
  • Customer-oriented, flexible services


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