Hire an iPad

Technology has touched the ways we engage the customers. Today, you can perform such things on a handheld device like iPad which seemed pretty much impossible some time back. With the launch of first device in this flagship range, Apple promised to change the future and that's exactly what we are trying to do. Our iPad hire services are inspired by providing you solutions that help to excel.

Advantages of hiring iPads with us in Australia:

  • Flexible hourly, daily and weekly rental policy
  • Lowest price promise
  • Proactive customer support
  • Customized support to your Application requirement

Initially, we started with iPad rental in Sydney but now we can deliver to any part of Australia when you want it. As we work on guidelines and policies, it is ensured that availability and features of the device are as promised. We understand that if you are hiring iPads it has to be something big and important so we try our best to make the whole hiring experience smooth. Please find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions also below.

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How exactly to calculate iPad hire period?

If you are paying for 7 days, it is important that you make complete use of that time and not just cut short the last day in order to return the device. We do not want the tickling clock to ruin your experience and that is why our hire period starts at 0001 hours and ends on 2359 hours. Our team tries to deliver the package before the start of Day 1 and we ask you to post it back to us after Day 7 so you enjoy more is less iPad hire price.

Can the hire period be extended?

It can or cannot be extended depending on the availability. We run on tight schedules and plan out things accordingly. However, our customer service team would be happy to help you on the issue. If you plan to extend the daily or weekly hire duration, simply call us as soon as possible. In such cases, only the difference between advertised and extended hire rate is charged.

Can I hire in bulk?

Yes, we offer iPads for hire in bulk if your occasion calls for it. Contact us for further bulk discount.

What if the device gets stolen or damaged?

Under any unfortunate circumstances, we need you to inform us immediately. If there is another iPad with us and if you are ready to pay additional postal charges, we'll deliver it to you at any place in Sydney or Australia so the task is completed uninterruptedly.

If you lose the device or in case it has been stolen, we will have to charge you for it. Furthermore, we reserve the right for charging a penalty for the business we are losing during the course of time till new device is purchased.

Similarly, in case of damage too we would charge for the postage and repair at an authorized service centre. We also reserve the right to charge a penalty for the business lost during the repair.

Are the iPads for hire insured?

No, but you can get an insurance if required.

We need additional Application on the iPad. Can you assist?

If you need any additional Application(Apps) from the iTunes, we can assist you with the installation of these application. We charge additional for the time involve, but the advantage is that when you receive the iPad, you can straight away start using it with pre installed application.

What is included with the iPad?

We include iPad with the original box, Dock connector to USB cable and Power Adapter.

What Apps come with the iPad?

All the preinstalled Apps comes with the iPad like Safari, Mail, Photos, Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, iTunes, App Store, Settings.


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